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Sunday Stealing: Patriotic Meme

1. Are you "proud to be an American"? yes, I mean, I teach American Studies after all

2. Favorite Founding Father? I'm particularly fond of the tall, gangly, red head: Thomas Jefferson

3. Favorite president? I take a lot of crap for this but Jimmy Carter was the president who made protecting human rights a priority

4. Biggest "Patriotic Moment"? when my American friends and I were visiting a pub in Ireland and the proprietors had the band sing "America, the Beautiful" for us ranks up there...

5. Favorite patriotic song? "America, the Beautiful"

6. Favorite American cuisine? toll house cookies, I love telling my students the story of their invention

7. Happiest political moment of your life? my 18th birthday I registered to vote

8. Best fireworks display you've ever seen? I've never seen one that was spectacular

9. America's gift to the world? peanut butter

10. Favorite Bill of Rights right? I'm fond of the 9th Amendment, which is often overlooked. I like to call it the personal liberties amendment (or tattoos and piercings): "The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people."

11. Favorite American Holiday? Martin Luther King Day because it is a day of service

12. Favorite D.C. monument? I was moved to tears by the Korean War Monument on the night tour of monuments

13. Your dream for America's future? that we snap out of this Congressional nonsense


The Gal Herself said...

Do you remember Ham Jordan? (I suspect you do.) He wrote a very moving memoir, No Such Thing as a Bad Day. It's a little book, but touching.

My nephew is very drawn to Jefferson, too. Here in Illinois we're so (justifiably) proud of Lincoln that when he was little, my nephew actually felt guilty when he chose a Jefferson bio over one about Abe for a book report. I told him Abe wouldn't mind -- that's what made Abe so great. :)

Anonymous said...

Fellow Jimmy Carter fan here--I so admire his integrity, his intelligence, and his work with Habitat For Humanity. I've read a couple of his memoirs and they're so interesting. Plus--Miss Lillian!

Stacy said...

Oh man...Toll House Cookies! I think I need to change my answer. Mmmm...warm and gooey from the oven...I might have to make a batch!

I am Harriet said...

I'm guessing that getting past the congressional nonsense is higher rated in the likability polls than the Congressional members combined. :)

zippiknits...sometimes said...

It was very hard to pick a favorite president. Jimmy Carter will be remembered by millions of people all over the world for the work that he has done. He is, indeed, a wonderful man.

Ooooo cookies! How could I forget Toll House cookies.. *slaps forehead*