friday 5

  1. What’s your favorite tomato thing?
  2. cherry tomatoes right off the vine!
  3. What’s your favorite celery thing?
  4. I actually like celery with peanut butter. But chopped celery in salad is good.
  5. What’s your favorite broccoli thing?
  6. broccoli and cheese stuffed anything--potatoes, chicken
  7. What’s your favorite eggplant thing?
  8. eggplant parmesan
  9. What’s your favorite spinach thing?
  10. strawberry spinach salad--I love raw spinach

1 comment:

Shannon M. aka "Auntie" said...

Stopping over from Friday 5. That spinach strawberry salad sound scrumptious. I have some spinach, and some strawberries...hmmm.