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A two-week family vacation in gorgeous Mallorca, Spain, is the heart of this story. Each member of the Post family carries baggage from home with them on this idyllic trip. It's a study of relationships and love. Fran and Jim, celebrating their thirty-fifth wedding anniversary and their daughter, Sylvia's high school graduation; Bobby, the son, rounds out the Post family. Also along on this vacation are Charles and Lawrence--long time friends of Franny's and Bobby's girlfriend, Carmen.

Two weeks with family produce some cringe-worthy moments but also can strengthen bonds. In this case, it does both. Each of the Posts embodies a different phase of love and the dynamics are interesting. The writing is at times very funny. My one complaint is that Mallorca could have been more of an influence on the characters and instead it is just an exotic background. It was a fast read and it's the perfect summer book. It made me want to travel to Mallorca.

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I'm so glad you liked this! I've read other reviews with the same opinion as yours about the setting playing a bigger role--but it didn't bother me too much. I was too intrigued by all the relationships between the characters. I want to read more by Emma Straub!