dream job

July 14: Dream job.

I still am not sure I have my dream job. But teaching high school social studies affords me the ability to be creative and to engage with all types of people all day long. I get to study and learn, and read and discuss. That's what happens when I am teaching. However, there are mandates and politics that I don't enjoy. And the lack of professional respect is sad, too.

My dream job would still involve working with teenagers, that I know for sure.

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Diana_CT said...

Netflix has job openings for movie taggers...
"Is it really possible to have too much of a good thing? One lucky job seeker from Europe is about to find out as Netflix has announced it is looking for a new “tagger” in the UK and Ireland, another facet of the company’s continued expansion throughout Europe. Taggers are given the envious task of watching dozens of movies and TV shows on Netflix and then describing everything they watch using objective tags."