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June 10: 10 on 10 photos (with or without captions)

The most recent photos on my iPhone.

The baby blanket I knit for my great-nephew's arrival in July.
An image I was toying with for the Be Happy challenge.
Fiddleheads are a local delicacy. I don't like them, but my family is crazy for them.
2 car wash shots.
Laundry day! You can see the adorable beaded pooch pouch I keep my quarters in.
A new pattern I tried for one of my students but it's w-a-y too small.
The things we do for beauty, huh?
The South-western view from the porch, although when I sit I see the hedges not the buildings.
A sky shot.

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Paula said...

Tell me, What is a Fiddlehead?