ten things tuesday

Ten random things:

1) For as much as I love Maggie, I'll be glad when my parentals are home so I can get into my own summer routine. It feels like I'm in limbo--not at school but not on vacation--to be out of my cozy little place. I'm glad they're having a good time and that the weather has improved (they're in Montana and Wyoming and it's been really cold there).

2) In the past five days I've knit three hats and a cowl. I have been listening to books and enjoying the porch.

3) Saturday is the Whoopie Pie Festival. My sister, niece and I are heading down. It looks like better weather than last year's deluge. I hope we can enjoy this year!

4) I'm going to pack up an overnight case and keep it in the car for when the spirit moves me to take off for a couple of days. Not sure if it's wanderlust or what, but I want to get the stink blown off.

5) A couple of recent grads have friended me on BookFace--and a parent I've never met sent me a request. It's funny that the relationships can now evolve.

6) I think I need a new laptop fan. The current one has served me well. But it might be dying a slow death. And I know for sure it prolonged the life of my last laptop by at least one year.

7) Living at the end of the earth is inconvenient when making online purchases. There really is no such thing as overnight service. Or even two-day service. I'm impatiently waiting for the iPad mini with retina display that I ordered. It was supposed to be here Monday. But it's still in transit. There are no more updates for my beloved Myrna (iPad original) and some of the apps don't work as well because of that.

8) The picnic table umbrella I got Dad for Father's Day (which I picked up today) matches the awnings on the front of the house. I wonder if anyone else will notice?

9) I have no idea what's going on in the world. I need to watch the news tonight!

10) This has got to be the most boring TTT ever.

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Cat. said...

If you use your laptop on your lap or on a desk/table, you might want to invest in one of these: http://www.staples.com/Laptop-Cooling/cat_CL142670

We have one each of the 3rd and 4th one down on this list, and we've never had to replace a laptop fan. And my legs don't turn bright red all the time either! AND, you can adjust the angle for carpal tunnel issues if that's a thing. Essentially, the fan in most laptops doesn't get enough air circulation so it overheats faster than it needs to.