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June 2: Your morning routine.

During school, I wake up listening to the radio at 5:40, and generally lie there for twenty minutes or so. When I finally get up, it's breakfast time and I pack lunch. Then, I've fallen into the habit of checking social media for about twenty minutes or so. Then it's shower and dressing time. At around 7, I leave and head to Dunkin' Donuts for morning coffee. It's approximately 30 minutes to school after I get coffee. When I get to school, I stop for my mail in the main office then scurry up to my room and boot the computer, put my purse away and get going.


Unknown said...

I wake up slow, too. But once I've got my feet under me, I'm raring to go.

Paula said...

Oh man that is early! I worked 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. for 30 years so I am a night person

Anonymous said...

I have such a varied morning schedule. I get up earlish Tuesday morning, then super early Wednesday and Thursday...then the rest of the week I get going on my time.