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• Question: Do you read book reviews? Do you let them change your mind about reading/not reading a particular book? {source}

Sometimes I will hear about a book or an author by reading reviews in magazines or from a couple of newsletters. More than reviews, though, I rely on a book synopsis. Book sites also have "new releases" or "hot off the press" information that entices me. And participating in MizB's memes also has introduced me to new authors and books.


Laurel-Rain Snow said...

I sometimes read book reviews in newspapers or magazines, but those reviews don't determine whether or not I read the book.

I usually pick a book based on what other bloggers think, however.


Paula said...

I rely on what others say about a book...or if it is free on my Nook. Sometimes that isn't a good way to pick books but I have read some really good ones!

Unknown said...

Yes, I focus on a synopsis, as well.

Anonymous said...

Aww, thank you! :)


Cleopatra Loves Books said...

I have found far too many good books to read through blogging, reading what others have to say about a book (sometimes what they didn't like appeals to me as much as what they did like) but this is always in conjunction with the synopsis. The subject matter has to appeal to my interests.