local delicacy

Fiddleheads are a local delicacy. They're the furled frond of a fern (not sure which one) and grow mainly along rivers and streams. The tradition of fiddleheads was probably brought over from France and is deeply ingrained in this Franco-American region. My family has always steamed or boiled them and eaten them with vinegar and salt or lemon and butter. All around the region there are truck stands selling "cleaned" fiddleheads for about $2.50 per pound--at least that was this year's going rate. There are a couple of local companies that freeze and ship them and pickle them. I should send some to my Pennsylvania sister, I know she loves them. Last year when I went to her daughter's wedding, I loaded up a cooler of them for her. I forget sometimes that they're not available or sought after everywhere else because they're so prevalent around here in spring.


The Gal Herself said...

I want to use my fingers. Would that be très gauche?

Paula said...

I have NEVER heard of them. And I am not sure they sound that good to me:)