whoopee... or something...

So this Teacher Appreciation Week has been a terrible let down. Nothing special has been done. I've been spoiled the past couple of years when I had students who were excited to do something fun for me (remember last year's post it notes?). Whoopee! Really, I've gotten one appreciative email from a parent. One. I have 80+ students.

I'm feeling unappreciated by some of my colleagues, too, that's probably what prompted this grumpy rant/whine.


The Gal Herself said...

It's hard when you feel let down on an event like this. I'm sorry.

Unknown said...

I hear you !
I taught for six years ( adult education) and not once did those girls get their heads together and think 'tomorrow is Lisa's birthday or it's Christmas etc....nothing, ever.
As someone who has always celebrated teachers ( and nurses) my kids always had Easter and Xmas gifts for their teachers.
It is frigging hard work but unfortunately we live in a world of entitlement and extra effort doesn't pay.
Still breaks my heart.

Paula said...

I used to feel that very same way about National Nurses Day. We were rarely recognized by anyone. Let me tell you Happy Teachers Day and I know that there are a lot of students out there who appreciate you even if they don't tell you!!!!

Unknown said...

How disappointing! I'm sorry your day went by more or less unrecognized. A belated Happy Teacher's Day (and Happy Teacher's Week!) from me.