ten things tuesday

Linking up with Ten On Tuesday this week.

Ten things I want to try:

1) Different ethnic foods. Where I live is so remote and so limited, I want to expand my palate beyond "home cooking" and what we get for Chinese food around here.

2) Digitizing my classroom. I would love to try different technologies and have the time to develop plans around the neat things I hear about.

3) Skydiving. I've always wanted to jump out of a plane, I think it would be the ultimate exhilarating thrill!

4) Driving a fancy car. Wouldn't it be great to drive in luxury. Especially a jaguar!

5) Watching videos in bed. I have the technology but I've never tried watching anything in bed. I wonder if I would even be comfortable watching something in bed. I read in bed, though, so maybe I should try it.

6) Saving for vacation. I keep telling myself to set up a savings account for a travel fund but I always raid it. I'd like to plan a vacation trip. Someplace with a spa would be awesome!

7) Only buying yarn for specific projects, not because it's pretty.

8) French press coffee. I'm curious to see if it's as fantastic as people make it sound.

9) Yoga. I've never really tried it. Because I hate exercising.

10) Taking Outfit Of The Day photos. I don't have a good mirror for it. I wonder if there are any mirrors here at school that would be good, I'll have to ask the kids, they'll know good selfie locations.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh--Yoga is the best! I am the least athletic person EVER and I've always disliked "doing sports" and exercizing--but I adore yoga. It's all about respecting what your body can do, and the only competition is with yourself. No one pays any attention to what anyone else in the class is doing or what they look like--everyone is too busy working on their own pose, watching the instructor, or remembering to breathe. Starting to practice yoga has really changed the way I view my body and what it can do, and it's awesome to see yourself progress.
(OK--off my soapbox now--but you started it! :-)

Bonny said...

I love your list! #4 is really original and does sound like fun. #8 sounds like a good idea, and an easy one to try. I have tried #8 many, many times and failed miserably!

kathy b said...

French press coffee is so easy and delis! Try it!