ten things tuesday

Ten things with the letter Z. This is going to be tough, I fear.

1) Zoos. Although the animals are not in natural habitats, there are many I never would have seen in my lifetime if it wasn't for Zoos. I don't hit all the sections, just my favorites.

2) Ziti. This might be my favorite pasta. I like how the sauce can get in the noodles.

3) Zipper. I got my finger stuck in the zipper of my lunch bag this morning, I have a stupid cut on it now.

4) Zebras. I used to be fascinated by them. I always appreciated them more than I did horses.

5) Zinc. The kind that prevents sunburns. I plaster my nose with it when I have to be out for an extended time.

6) Zither. As a kid, my sister had a zither that I played more than she did. It had sheets of music that had dots under the strings so you could play songs.

7) Zigzag. One of my favorite stripey shirts is a zigzag pattern.

8) Zinnia. The kind of flower that looks great in a bouquet.

9) Zucchini. Garden vegetable that people always seem to have too many of. I love zucchini bread!

10) Zero. I've got nothing else.


Paula said...

This was great. You came up with an awesome lists of Z's

Cat. said...

I had the best--hands down, and no contest--chocolate zucchini bread EVER today at a meeting. Homemade. it was ... amazing.... and I don't like zucchini bread!

Anonymous said...

I love zucchini bread too, though I haven't had any in awhile.