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Sunday Stealing: The TV Meme, part two

16. Talk Shows. Do you watch daytime talk TV? If so, do you prefer the calm shows like Oprah or the wilder side like Jerry Springer? I used to watch Oprah faithfully

17. Which daytime talk TV show would you like to be on? What would the topic be? I would have liked to talk to Oprah about education concerns of real, average teachers

18. Before talk TV took over game shows ruled the airways during the day, which do you prefer? Or are you a soap opera fan? I loved game shows when I was a kid--my sisters and I played The Price Is Right

19. Is there a game show (past or present) you think you would do really well on, as a contestant? Match Game

20. Who is your favorite game show host? Who is your least favorite? Gene Rayburn

21. Marathons. Have you watched any TV marathons? In part? In whole? Is there a show you’d like to see run an all day marathon? On the flipside is there a show you’d avoid in marathon? I have watched
many marathons--from Friends, Mash, Golden Girls, Will & Grace, Seinfeld... there must be others. I would avoid Roseann

22. Out of curiosity, what’s the longest you’ve ever watched TV in one stretch? a Harry Potter movie marathon, all the films

23. On the whole do you feel most Special Reports are really that special? Or are they simply annoying? What special report has effected you most? (IE: (9/11, Reagan being shot…etc) Most of them are speculation repeated over and over, that makes me anxious and annoyed

24. What is the (pick one: stupidest, saddest, silliest, most disgusting..) thing you’ve ever seen on TV? Hurricane Katrina was sad, it had a profound impact on me

25. What’s your fondest memory of something on TV? watching as a whole family

26. What’s the first show you remember watching regularly? Sesame Street

27. What shows would make up a perfect night of TV viewing for you? I truly loved Must-See TV on Thursdays back in the '90s with the Friends/Seinfeld lineup

28. You get to create one show to put on the schedule, with any stars you choose. Who and what would it be? oh my word, this is really hard--a sketch comedy show (think Laugh In) with Jimmy Fallon, Kristin Wiig, Carol Burnett, Tina Fey, Jane Curtain, John Candy, Will Farrell, and...

29. Canceling or Not. What show(s) would you cancel without a moment’s hesitation? Is there a show (previously canceled or just no longer airing) that you’d bring back, original cast and all? oh... I wouldn't hesitate to cancel Two and a Half Men. And I would bring back Designing Women.

30. What’s the best series finale you remember? MASH--hands down!


Cat. said...

Whoa, seriously? You sat through all the Harry Potter movies at once?? You are AMAZING!

I am Harriet said...

John Candy passed away too young if you ask me.