saturday 9

Meet The Flintstones

1) The song promises that, "When you're with the Flintstones, you'll have a yabba-dabba-doo time." So clearly Wilma was one accomplished hostess. What about you? Do you enjoy having company? I do not enjoy having company

2) Since lyrics say, "Let's ride with the family down the street/courtesy of Fred's two feet," we're assuming the pedal-powered Flintstone car didn't require much gas. Are you loyal to a particular brand of gas? Or do you fill up with whatever is nearby, or least expensive? I go to the local gas station that pumps gas for me

3) Clearly a sharp-dressed man in stone-age Bedrock wore a long tunic and no pants. What are you wearing right now, as you answer these questions? I am wearing denim Bermuda shorts and a peasant top

4) Pebbles Flintstone grew up with Dino the Dinosaur and Baby Puss the Saber-Tooth Cat. Did you have any pets as you were growing up? I had my beloved dog, Mopsie

5) Mr. Slate is Fred's blustery boss at quarry, and he frequently threatens to fire Fred. Have you ever had a bad-tempered boss? yes

6) It's estimated that during The Flintstones original run (1960-1966), it was viewed by as many adults as kids. Now that you're a grown up, do you still watch cartoons? I watch the cartoons for grown ups, mostly, although I will always love Bugs Bunny

7) In 1961, The Flintstones was nominated for a Prime Time Emmy Award as Outstanding Comedy Series. Do you watch awards shows? I adore awards shows

8) There are at least two Flintstones-themed amusement parks currently in operation. Do you enjoy scary rides? I haven't been on one in eons, but I used to love being upside down-sideways and all manner of heart-stopping rides

9) Flintstones Vitamins are still on store shelves. Do you take a vitamin each morning? just calcium with D


Anonymous said...

I haven't seen a gas station that pumps gas for you in ages!!!! I honestly didn't think that they even existed anymore!
However, I'm old enough to remember going to the gas station with my dad and having them not only pump the gas but check your oil and clean your windshield--without even being asked!

Kwizgiver said...

That's what our local station does!!

I am Harriet said...

Holy cow- a gas station that still pumps for you? Wow!

Don't be embarrassed. My sister was a HS English teacher for 20 years and she still watches SP :)

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

The gas pumping nudged me as well. Although my daughter Heather lives in NJ and it is against the law to self-pump, so to speak...

Unknown said...

I'm with everyone else. I haven't seen a gas station that pumps gas for years!

Diana_CT said...

The only other place that pumps your gas that I know of is New Jersey and they do it because it is the law.

The Gal Herself said...

I'll stop flipping channels if I happen on Bugs Bunny. Mr. Magoo, too. I'd rather watch those than South Park.