saturday 9


1) Do you know how to water ski? in my youth, I could

2) Do you have 2014 vacation plans? not really

3) Do you have a passport? yes!

4) If you took a 7-night cruise, could you completely unplug -- no phone calls, no texts, no internet? I don't know if I could completely unplug from the internet but no phone or texts would be a breeze

5) Do you own a travel alarm clock? no

6) Though the Go-Gos broke up in 1985, they frequently reunite for live performances. What's the last concert you attended? Elvis Costello, it was awesome!!!!!

7) Their first hit was "Our Lips Are Sealed." Can you be trusted with a secret? yes

8) In 1982, when this song was popular, the comedy Tootsie was in theaters. What movie makes you laugh? When Harry Met Sally

9) Sam is chewing on a Tums as she composes these questions. What's the last over-the-counter medication that you took? do eye drops count? No? Then my daily calcium


CountryDew said...

I think eye drops count.

Paula said...

It would be really hard to completely unplug...but I would give it a try...

The Gal Herself said...

Eye drops totally count.

"There is too much pepper on my paprikash. But I would be proud to partake of your pecan pie."

I am Harriet said...

There are so many movies that I can laugh at that I couldn't even narrow it down.Harry met Sally is definitely one of my favorites.

Cat. said...

Like Harriet, I couldn't narrow it down. Too many funny, if older, movies.

And eyedrops count.

Anonymous said...

When Harry Met Sally is one of those movies that I can recite whole sections of dialogue by heart.

Diana_CT said...

I could never give up the internet for a week. I get too many emails.

katie eggeman said...

It is funny how techy we have become. Last time I was on a cruise, the computer was in the library and the connection was so bad. I had to go unplugged for the duration. It wasn't bad.