friday 5

  1. What’s the story about the time you learned that two people you knew separately also knew each other?
  2. in my knitting group, one of the members was also in the choral group my dad conducts
  3. What’s the story about the time you ran into someone you knew but didn’t recognize him or her because your acquaintance with the person was specific to a completely different setting?
  4. seeing my manicurist at the grocery store jolted me because I hadn't been getting manicures all that often and knew I knew her from somewhere but couldn't place her. Now, I'd know her anywhere.
  5. What’s the story about the time you lost something important and then found it after you’d already purchased its replacement?
  6. knitting needles... I get so mad at myself!
  7. What’s the story about the time you were tight with someone you normally didn’t hang out with because he or she was the only person you knew at some function?
  8. going to the Elvis Costello concert with a colleague I'm friendly with but didn't know all that well... we had a blast!
  9. What’s the story about the time you learned that someone you thought you knew only recently was really someone you knew a long time ago too?
  10. the salesperson for my iPhone was a bearded man--I used to babysit him in his childhood. He recognized me right off but I had no idea who he was.

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onebadscrivener said...

Ah, darn it. I forgot to title that set. Those questions didn't come to me as easily as most (that's why I prompted myself with "What's the story...") so when I finally came up with them, I hit the schedule button without checking all the details (the titles usually come last).

Thanks for participating. I saw Elvis twice in two nights when he played with the Honolulu Symphony. It was great, of course, but he wasn't in rocker mode. Crooner Elvis is slightly less terrific than punk Elvis. Ah well.