busier than expected

Day 25, Sunday: A list for the week ahead.

This is an evolving list.
  • Check the weather to get an idea of what to wear to school all week and then organize outfits
  • Meet & greet with library benefactor
  • Read my book group book, The Ocean At The End Of The Lane 
  • Continue knitting a baby shower gift
  • Mammogram
  • Set up meeting for Advanced Placement students
  • Get car inspected
  • Knit night on Thursday
  • Purchase Dave Matthews Band tickets (or decide not to go)


Unknown said...

Great list...your book club book sounds interesting, would love to know what it's like xx

The Gal Herself said...

It's funny, but my to-do list entry for Sir Paul is much like yours for Dave Matthews. The tickets are so rare and expensive this time!

Kellie said...

Love the knitting on your list! Book club would be so much FUN!

Paula said...

School will soon be ending won't it?

Corinne said...

A full and well rounded week ahead!

Simone Young said...

Good luck with mammogram. Hope it's all clear and not too painful.