ten things tuesday

Ten female fictional detectives that are awesome:

1) Kinsey Millhone from the Sue Grafton Alphabet series.

2) Amelia Peabody. An Egyptologist and sleuth working in exotic locations on exotic projects. Set during the late 1800s, she shatters stereotypes.

3) Izzy Spellman. A series of "documents" presented from the files of the Spellman Detective Agency.

4) Stephanie Plum. A bounty hunter turned detective. Lots of fun secondary characters.

5) Heather Wells. A former pop star turned detective. And a size 12.

6) Emily Andrew. The Passport to Peril series features a travel agent for senior citizens as a sleuth. They've been all over Europe with their antics.

7) Bubbles Yablonsky. A screwball mystery series featuring a gum-snapping hair dresser with Jessica Rabbit curves.

8) Bobbie Faye Sumrall. I don't remember when I read this series but I wish there were more books!

9) Kate O'Hare, FBI agent. She's working with a most-wanted criminal to solve some tricky situations. Fast-paced.

10) Trixie Belden. Trixie and her gang of friends were my childhood favorites, they instilled my love of mysteries.


The Gal Herself said...

Oh! I remember Trixie! I don't think I've heard that name in a million years! She was so overshadowed by Nancy Drew, wasn't she?

Unknown said...

Honestly, I'm not familiar with most of these. I know Stephanie Plum and Izzy Spellman. Don't even know Trixie. :S

I can add Eve Dallas, Thursday Next and Susanna, Lady Appleton.

Paula said...

I love female detective stories. I will have to check some of these out