ten things tuesday

My blog friend Bookmammal recently had a blog post about "junk food for the brain" reads. Sometimes readers need a break from heavy, intense lit. In homage, here are my ten "junk food for the brain" books and authors.

1) The author who kicked off my relationship with rom-com chick-lit is Marian Keyes. Her Welch sister series are riotously funny while being poignant. Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married was my introduction.

2) Maeve Binchy is another go-to favorite of mine. I've read everything she's written, starting with Light A Penny Candle which is one of the books I will re-read when I need some heart and soul. Her books are primarily set in Ireland, which is how I got into her books in the first place. I read an article in the Irish Times by her and was hooked. Plus, let's be honest, it's set in Ireland and I love all things Irish.

3) When I'm in the mood for cozy mysteries, I turn to Maddy Hunter's "Passport to Peril" series. This series has a very funny premise--Emily Andrew works for a senior citizen travel agency, so all the mysteries are set on senior tours. Zany fun.

4) Jill Mansell is an author I discovered a couple of years ago. Her stories involve modern women in unpredictable situations and are always a good read. I've got so many of her novels, I had to create a shelf of them on my Nook!

5) I've recently discovered Milly Johnson, another Brit-Lit writer of rom-coms. I haven't read many but I've got them in my TBR.

6) Sophie Kinsella is another one of my favorites in the "junk food for the brain" category. Her Shopaholic series are so funny.

7) Although I thought the books were sophisticated for "kids books," the Harry Potter series has become a favorite of mine. I'm glad I finally picked them up.

8) Another mystery series I'm enjoying is the Baker Street Letters. Michael Robertson's sleuths are quirky and the mysteries are unusual.

9) Dan Brown's books are usually junk food, too. The kind of thrillers I don't have to pay too much attention to, yet interesting and exciting.

10) And finally, the books that got me into knitting were a charming series by Gil McNeil. This series made me want to join a Stitch-n-Bitch (although my group isn't heavy on the bitch--we're more lighthearted).


A Day in the Life on the Farm said...

I expected Janet Evanovich to be on your list. The Stephanie Plum novels keep me laughing and lighthearted.

Paula said...

That is the only kinds of books I can deal with right now...lighthearted! And mysteries!

Anonymous said...

Bookmammal. . . . that's ME! :-)
The only ones of these that I've read are Marion Keyes and Maeve Binchy. I really miss Maeve Binchy since she's passed on. . . Scarlet Feather is one of my favorite books!