ten things tuesday

Ten things:

1) I have 2,129 followers on Pinterest. That freaks me out.

2) A friend sent this to me, entitled: Front Row Friends

3) I started reading The Bookman's Tale by Charlie Lovett, the book group selection for April and I can't wait to have time to sit and read. So far, I'm enjoying it.

4) The sun is shining today and the temperature is all the way up to 45 degrees!

5) I am skipping the Delta meeting tonight. It was kind of an overwhelming end of the day and I wanted to decompress by myself instead of having to be social.

6) I saved a life last night. Having the suicide hotline number on my desktop and phone directory has been very helpful.

7) The sophomores (periods 1 and 4) were at a career fair today so we didn't have class. I used my time wisely. And missed them.

8) Today is April First--the beginning of National Poetry Month. I'm going to try composing a new poem every day.

9) I sent my Pennsylvania and Virginia sisters the Nook book Maine by J. Courtney Sullivan. It's set in Maine and is a family saga. I hope it's good! I bought it for myself, too. Happy BAFAB Week!

10) I'm still knitting up hats for my students:


Anonymous said...

I really liked "Maine"--it was one of the first books I read on my kindle!

The Gal Herself said...

Isn't it amazing how warm 45ยบ and sunny can feel? And I'm very impressed by your massive Pinterest following.

Unknown said...

I love the hats! I'm currently reading Insurgent. This weekend I was at a Christian Youth Encounter with my son and in one of the breakout sessions you could leave your problems anonymously for someone else to pray for you. I was saddened to see someone wrote "suicide thoughts". Good for you for being able to help someone in need.

A Day in the Life on the Farm said...

I tried to post when you wrote about saving the student who was suicidal but was unable to find the comment link. Thank God that student reached out to you and that you knew what to do to help him/her.

Lisa G said...

Your students are so blessed to have you, you know that?