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Sunday Stealing: The TV Meme, part one

1. TV Theme songs. Which is your favorite, and which makes you crazy enough to hit mute on the remote?   I love the theme from "The Greatest American Hero" and another one I loved was instrumental --"The Equalizer". The music from Law & Order gives me the shivers!

2. The Classics. What is your favorite Classic TV show?  "My Three Sons" was a favorite show

3. What character from a Classic TV show would you like to be?  Mary Richards from The Mary Tyler Moore Show

4. Can you remember a line you liked from a Classic TV show?  not really

5. Heroes. What show featuring those who protect your country (fiction or non-fiction) is your favorite?  "The Six Million Dollar Man" was huge when I was a kid, I remember loving both that and "Wonder Woman."

6. TV Cops. Who is your favorite (past or present) TV cop? Which TV cop do you think was the most crooked, or the most inept?  I love Olivia Benson of L&O: SVU, she is such a real person, it's hard to remember she's acting. I can't think of an a crooked or inept, although Columbo comes to mind as a bumbler.

7. You need to hire a bodyguard for yourself. Which TV cop do you choose?   Det. Ed Green from Law & Order (Jesse L. Martin, thankyouverymuch)

8. TV Doctors. Which TV doctor would you choose to remove your appendix? Which TV doctor would you not let touch you with a 10- foot pole?  Doug Ross (duh)... and I can't think of a doctor I wouldn't let touch me...

9. TV Moms. Which TV mom would you have liked to have had for your own? Is there a TV mom you would never want as your own?  Mrs. Cunningham from "Happy Days" was always a favorite TV mom. And I would not want any of the women from "Desperate Housewives" as a mom

10. TV Dads. Which TV Dad would you have most liked to have for your own dad? On the flipside, who was the TV Dad you’d have least liked to have had?  widower Stephen Douglas from "My Three Sons" was a favorite TV dad... and Al Bundy would not be my choice for a dad

11. Comedies. How do you feel about sitcoms? Good, wholesome fun or saccharine inanity?  I generally enjoy sitcoms

12. If your life was a sitcom, what would the title be?  "What if this is as good as it gets?"

13. If you went to a comedy club on amateur night, and they gave you some jokes and a microphone, would you go onstage?  doubtful

14. Reality. Are you a fan of Reality TV? What’s your “can’t miss” reality TV show (or shows), or what reality TV show do you suppose the devil plays on the TV in Hell as punishment?  I enjoy unscripted shows--particularly The Voice, American Idol, and all the Bravo Top Chef shows and punishment would be Teen Mom or Wife Swap

15. If you were given a free ticket to be on any reality show, which one would you choose? to be on as a contestant? uhmmmmm... I can't think of one that I would be on


Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

I can see you tossing your hat in the air! :)

Unknown said...

My Three Sons. Loved that show! I agree with Al Bundy - I'd be embarrassed to have him as a dad. lol! Mary Tyler Moore's iconic hat throw was right here in Minneapolis. There's a statue of her in downtown Minneapolis.

Bev Sykes said...

Columbo was a bumbler, but, like Monk, he always solved the case. I wonder if, after all these years, Mariska Hargitay is really acting any more or if she has grown into the role of a tough cop!

katie eggeman said...

Peg and Al come to mind as very inept parents. I don't think Archie Bunker was a roll model but it was a great show.

Stacy said...

Loved My Three Sons. That Robbie was a cutie! ;) I watch American Idol and everyone keeps telling me I should watch The Voice that it is much better, but I haven't given in yet. I just hate to get involved with another show that requires a commitment if I want to know what's going on.

Cat. said...

How did I guess you'd pick Dr. Ross? lol

Funny that we both chose Olivia Benson....

onebadscrivener said...

We have a couple of answers in common! We must be around the same age. "Flying away, on a wing and a prayer; who could it be? Believe it or not, it's just me..."

I am Harriet said...

I use to want Dodie from My Three Sons to come and play with me. Like she was real...