friday 5

  1. Those silly TV programs showcasing supposedly funny videos often feature unexpected blows to someone’s Man Zone (you know, crotch shots). How amusing do you find these videos?
  2. Man Zone videos are not really what I consider funny
  3. Athletes today often talk about being “in the zone,” attaining that state of mind where everything is both automatic and excellent. When did you last find yourself in the zone?
  4. listening to an audiobook while knitting a simple repeated pattern
  5. What time zone do you live in, and is there anything especially good or bad about it?
  6. I am in the Eastern time zone and it's nothing special
  7. An erogenous zone is an area of the human body that has heightened sensitivity, the stimulation of which may result in the production of sexual fantasies or sexual arousal (not to mention orgasm). What typically non-sexual part of your body is an erogenous zone?*
  8. I can't even think of something snarky to say about this one
  9. Where can you get a really good calzone?*
  10. there's a place in the neighboring town that has a fairly good calzone
  11. * Alternate question in case #4 is too personal or #5 is too stupid: In the Star Trek universe, a neutral zone is an area between claimed territories in space where bordering governments agree not to tread (else war is declared). Where in your personal or professional life are the neutral zones?
  12. I like living in the next town over from where I teach--so the kids don't bag my groceries (etc)... they don't need to know what brand of toilet paper I use or that I occasionally have a glass of wine

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Cat. said...

The shopping thing...yeah, I shop in the next town over mostly. I don't even go through the cashier lanes if I can help it. But the reason I shop "out of town" is the same as yours: I want to be anonymous. Nothing worse than running into someone who has "library issues" in front of the yogurt!