friday 5

  1. What field trips, one from elementary school and one from high school, do you remember most fondly?
  2. I remember an elementary trip to a working dairy farm--one of the girls in my class lived on it and her parents had us visit. For high school, we went on the annual Biology Field trip to Bar Harbor, Maine, where we did a study of coastal life. For a lot of students, it was their first trip to the coast, their first trip out of the County.
  3. How does your handwriting today differ from your handwriting in high school?
  4. I have much clearer handwriting now, compact and easy-to-read.
  5. What let’s-pretend game did you most enjoy when you were a child?
  6. I loved my Teddy, we went on all kinds of adventures
  7. If you had to take the name of any one-named celebrity, whose would work best?
  8. Gaga
  9. A brain, a princess, an athlete, a basket case, and a criminal: Which of these roles will you take, and which friends fill the rest?
  10. hmmmm... this is a tough one. I might be a basket case or a brain, I'm not sure what my friends would say about it... M.P.A. would be the princess. JP would be the jock. I didn't have a friend who was a criminal type. We were too nerdy.

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Paula said...

Love these....I would be the basket case too. I don't ever remember taking a field trip either in grade school or high school.