ten things tuesday

Ten things that would make today a perfect day:

1) Being able to sleep until I wake up, not until the alarm rings.

2) A Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee drip. At least as much as I want.

3) Heat in my classroom. Although now that the sun is shining in the windows on me, I'm warmed, but this well-below zero weather is trying my patience.

4) Being able to hang out with students of my choosing. Hanging out instead of having to stick to curriculum.

5) Teaching what interests me instead of curriculum.

6) A day without whining. Students' whining, teachers' whining, my whining.

7) A nap.

8) A nice meal that I don't have to cook for myself.

9) Someone to clean up after me. At home and at school.

10) More positive news.


Lisa G said...

Teaching what you want--wouldn't that be cool. I wish I could say the view at the new place is fantastic, but unfortunately, not the case. It's much darker up where we are moving, so I'm hoping for great night skies, but we're in a rather deep valley, so no killer views of the Sandias. Good thing I took a ton of pictures while we were here, and good thing that anywhere you drive to gives you a killer view!

Paula said...

Oh a day without whining would be wonderful!!