This is the most recent forecast: the bolding is mine for emphasis of whining.

Winter Storm Warning remains in effect from 5 pm this afternoon to 6 pm EDT Thursday.

  • Locations: Northeast Maine.
  • Hazard types: Heavy snow, blowing and drifting snow.
  • Accumulations: snow accumulation of 14 to 24 inches, with highest totals near and along a Greenville to Houlton line.
  • Timing: late this afternoon through Thursday.
  • Impacts: High to very high impact. Heavy snow and strong winds will create very hazardous traveling conditions. Occasional blowing and drifting snow will cause near Whiteout conditions at times.
  • Winds: north 10 to 20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph.
  • Temperatures: 4 to 21 above.
  • Visibilities: one quarter mile or less at times.


A Day in the Life on the Farm said...

Sounds like the weather here in Michigan. It started at 5 am and is still going strong. Wind gusts of 50 MPH. Hope you are able to bunker down and weather the storm

Cristy S said...

OMG! I do not envy you and your state right now. I love the snow and winter, but this winter has me seriously rethinking that love.

Unknown said...

It looks like we'll dodge it. Stay safe and warm!