flip-flop dreams

Today's whining is brought to you by a killer headache. Part of my woe when sick is that because I have high blood pressure there are limited over the counter medicines I can take. Add to that my fear of over dosing myself, and you now understand my hesitancy to take anything. So today it's headache, sneezing, and sniffling.

On another note, I have gotten in touch with a very dear friend of mine that I thought dropped off the face of the earth. I heard she taught at a school in the southern part of the state so I scoured those school websites until I found her email address and I took a deep breath and emailed her. I'm hoping to rekindle our friendship. We had a blast in high school and college. I don't think she's on Facebook or other social media, but I'll have to ask.

The weather is getting slickery. Freezing rain and snow. The big flakes so I know it's not going to be significant snow but it's the freezing rain that worries me. I'm so over winter. And I know we've got another six weeks of it. I'm hoping to be in flip-flops by the end of April.


Paula said...

I am so over winter myself. Lucky for us we are catching a break for a few days Hope your headache leaves soon

The Gal Herself said...

I'm so glad you found your old friend. Bravo for connectedness amidst all the sniffling, sneezing and head ache.

I have been looking at the photos of the Cubs working out at spring training in Mesa and they're wearing short pants. It's no longer dark when I leave the office most evenings. So intellectually I know spring is coming. But somehow I have a polar outlook and accept that winter will never really end. This is it. Forever.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are able to rekindle the friendship.

I don't take most cold medicines either because I am very sensitive to many. I can't take any of the Nyquil products and am kind of scared to try anything else. Even non drowsy stuff sometimes makes me loopy.