ten things tuesday

Ten things I like about winter: It's going to be tough coming up with ten... we'll see how I do!

1) Awards show season. I love the Oscars, SAG, Globes, Grammys and all the other shows.

2) Layers. I like wearing layers because you can always take something off or put something on if needed.

3) Sweaters, vests, and blazers. I have many.

4) Pretty snow. When it's not treacherous driving. I like the crunchy sound it makes underfoot.

5) Hibernating. If hibernating, nesting, hunkering down, or other incarnations were an Olympic sport, I would be a gold medalist.

6) My car starter.

7) The sky. Something about the crispness of the air makes the sunset spectacular. And the stars look like diamonds more so in winter than summer.

8) Being lax in leg shaving. Tights and boots hide a lot. I'll leave it at that.

9) Snow days. Especially when they don't have to be added to the end of the school calendar for make up.

10) Fuzzy pajamas. I love lounging in my fuzzy snowman pajamas. They're not for sleep, though, just for lounging.


Paula said...

I am positive that I could not come up with a list of then things that I liked about winter. Although I do like to hibernate...I do that in the summer too. And I do like to lounge in pajamas but my post menopausal body wouldn't like the fuzzy 'hot' kind. Loved your list!

The Gal Herself said...

You mentioned the reason why -- if I had to choose between extreme heat and extreme cold -- winter wins. You can always add a layer to get warmer. When it's 90ยบ (again!) walking around naked is not an option.