ten things tuesday

Ten places I'd visit that are my second choice destinations:

1) The Beach. Because I am so fair-skinned, I burn like the dickens. I enjoy the beach but I can't stay there long.

2) The Lake. Another outside destination. What I don't like about a lake is the guck at the bottom of it. And leeches.

3 & 4) Australia and New Zealand. I've always romanticized a visit there. It's the amount of time it would take to get there that's daunting.

5) Tahiti. Sounds deliciously exotic.

6) India. The population overload overwhelms me. All the people everywhere would freak me out.

7) Poland. On my second tier list of locations to visit. I'm curious to see what it's like since I've studied it mostly from the perspective of the World Wars.

8) Space. I think it would be really cool to travel into space, but it's not my first choice for destination.

9) Los Angeles. I've been to California but not to LA, I don't think I'd like to stay for long but a visit would be fun. All the flash and glamor.

10) Egypt and Russia. I'm lumping them together because the reason they're not first tier is because of the government unrest. I'd be scared for my safety.


The Gal Herself said...

Now that I've decided I'm not traveling much in 2014, I long to take off! So your list has spurred my wanderlust.

Karin said...

Add them all to my list too!

Paula said...

You have a great list. I have been to LA...didn't find it all that glamorous. Went to Australia and everyone should go there at least once. I'm not going to space though. I will stay right here with my feet firmly planted!!

Cristy S said...

Besides the beach and the lake; I love the list. I don't really do outside destinations because of the burning factor either. We took a day trip to LA when we were in San Diego and I loved looking at places I had only seen on TV, or read about in magazines, or heard about. I enjoyed it.