one word

Today has been a refreshing day. Because it's the end of the quarter and mid-year exams are next week, most of my classes were reviewing. Some of them chose to not review (the senior classes) and we spent the classes enjoying each others company--talking books, movies, and fun stuff. I feel refreshed because I've accomplished a lot (in preparing for exams) and am organized to pick up with content after next week. It was kind of nice to just sort of hang out today. Also, my friend and I put together a get well package for our friend with cancer. Fun videos, the two hats I knit, some Celtic music, and cards.


Paula said...

And this was a 'refreshing' post!

Anonymous said...

I know when I was in high school it was always nice to have a class that was relaxed, especially after a stressful test.

Cristy S said...

What a great refreshing day. Especially in the middle of winter. I always loved it when one of my classes just had a down day. We often broke out the cards and played rummy.