friday 5

  1. What’s a bad habit you’d like to get rid of?
  2. I would like to stop letting the garbage cans get full to overflowing
  3. What’s a good habit that’s taken you really long to establish?
  4. putting my laundry away
  5. What’s a good habit that doesn’t take much effort but others seem to envy?
  6. being organized at school
  7. What kind of unusual rituals do you go through in daily life?
  8. I have to put my right shoe on first
  9. What’s the weirdest ritual you’ve heard of in others?
  10. my friend has a hand-washing ritual that I think is extreme


Paula said...

I hate putting laundry away!

Karin said...

I hate putting laundry away! That's something I need to get over too!

onebadscrivener said...

For me, it's always left sock, left shoe, right sock, right shoe. I can't seem to do it a different way! Thanks for participating in this week's Friday 5, and have a great weekend!

Diana_CT said...

I never take the dishes out of the dish washer. I just take a clean dish out and put it back after I use it. Working from left to right and when they are all dirty, I just run it.

Anonymous said...

I finally put away laundry from a week ago. Yeah, that's definitely a habit I need to work on.

Cristy S said...

My good habit that I finally got established was flossing everyday. Sometimes its a pain, but being in the dentist chair is more of a pain. My unusual ritual; I have to eat my food one group at a time. If I am eating any kind of mixed dish...it takes me forever.