ten things tuesday...

1) It's the week school lets out for break and all my students seem to think we should just be hanging out and talking instead of doing any work. Poor little cotton-headed ninny muggins!

2) Speaking of Elf--I haven't watched it yet this season. Must remedy that!

3) I need to mail my packages to my away sisters. I think I said this a year ago, this time.

4) I haven't gotten any mail since the storm. I hope they aren't skipping delivery because the main walkway is not shoveled out.

5) Made an appointment for a new battery for my car. I hope it will hang in there until then. Merry Christmas to me. Looks like that will be my gift to myself.

6) An appointment with my hair goddess is coming up on Saturday! Can't wait!

7) I wish my family lived closer, especially during the holidays. It would be wonderful to see their trees and decorations. Maybe I should plan to go visit them sometime soon.

8) I forgot to knit a scarf for my brother-in-law. I feel bad, he's the only family member (in his family) that isn't getting a hand knit gift!

9) Since I had my physical a couple weeks ago and all my tests came back looking good, I've been trying to cut back on sweets at home. It's tough to break that habit.

10) I hope my Secret Santa recipient is enjoying the gifties. She hasn't said much. I know I'm enjoying my Santa's gifties!

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Cristy S said...

We have watched Elf a couple of times this season. Elexis had midterms the last two days. These tests cannot be made up, but one of her friends' parents took her out of school tomorrow anyway. I don't like when you have to buy practical gifts for yourself. It's so much better when they are fun gifts. Awesome news on the test results. I always loved participating in Secret Santa.