ten things tuesday

Thanks to Paula for the prompt...

Ten things that make me impatient:

1) Feeling trapped in a meeting that's gone on too long (and is no longer productive).

2) Listening to storytellers who aren't good storytellers. Get to the point!

3) Winter weather driving.

4) Waiting for people who are running late.

5) People asking me for information that there is no way I would possibly have.

6) Polite social chit chat.

7) Stupid questions.

8) Trying to get my students to quiet down.

9) Losing things. Doesn't happen often but causes a major meltdown.

10) Waiting for Christmas mail!


Paula said...

Oh no and you are my "patience idol". Lol! But I agree with them all. However, everything makes me impatient

Anonymous said...

Oh man, losing things makes me nuts! I often have to walk away, calm down and look again. Then I usually find it :)

Cristy S said...

Story tellers who aren't storytellers annoy me. I am with you: get to the point.

I cannot stand waiting on someone who is running late.

I agree with the rest of it making me impatient too. We will get our first dose of bad winter weather these next couple of days so there will be plenty of impatience there. I'm already impatient driving without the winter weather.