sunday stealing

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Sunday Stealing: Suck it, Nerds Meme

What would you totally eat right now?: A cranky turkey sammich

Do you always wear a certain piece of jewelry?: no

What kind of jeans do you like?: I have a very comfortable pair on now--they're trouser jeans

What's something on your want list?: books

Is animal print tacky?: uhm... I don't wear it

Give me a good quote that you like.: “To be is to do - Socrates; To do is to be - Sartre; Do Be Do Be Do - Sinatra”

Do you bite your nails?: no, never have

What kind of smells do you like?: floral

Do you wear perfume or cologne?: yes

What do you think is overrated?: shopping frenzy

Next movie you want to see?: Frozen

Would you change your eye color if you could?: maybe more green

And what are your goals for the remainder of this year?: not to go overboard on holiday shopping

When is the last time you were at the hospital? last May, for a mammogram

Who introduced you to your current significant other? If you’re single, who introduced you to your last ex? Facebook


ShannonW said...

OH! You just reminded me! I need to get my next mammogram scheduled. Thanks! :)

Happy Sunday!

Anonymous said...

I didn't put books on my want list--I just figure that's a given. :-)

I am Harriet said...

I like the floral scents best too. I am not a fan of musk's.

Stacy said...

What's a cranky turkey sandwich?

Kwizgiver said...

Cranberry/cream cheese spread on a loaded turkey & cheese sandwich!

CountryDew said...

Books are always a good thing to want.

Unknown said...

I saw Frozen and really enjoyed it. The animation was really pretty. I have so many books but I always want more. Have a great week!

Cristy S said...

Yay! We both picked Frozen. I am not into the whole shopping frenzy. I would rather keep my sanity and not go to jail. haha

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