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• Will you set a reading goal for the year?

I've set an audiobook goal--at least one audiobook per month. For my overall reading goal... well, I'm just not sure yet. I set a goal of 50 for 2013 and have read almost 65, so I kind of want to push myself to more, but I also want to be reasonable. Maybe I'll set it for 60 books.

What about you? Will you set a reading goal for 2014?


Anonymous said...

I've never done a reading challenge or goal--I guess I don't want to feel like I'm locked into reading certain types of books, or feeling like I'm behind. Sometimes I'll go through a period when I try to read more classics, or more of a particular author, etc, but I've never set a specific goal for the year. I just read according to my mood at the time!

Gigi Ann said...

I like to read 100-120 books a year. Sometimes real life slows me down. I joined some reading challenges in 2014, so hopefully I will be able to finish them in 2014. Other then that I have no goals.