holidailies 9

Today's prompt: Grinch Week: What currently popular meme / trend do you just not get?

I don't get the whole War on Christmas thing. Who's waging war? Huh? Christmas has been so commercialized and secularized that in my experience, the holy aspect of this time of year is gone from it for the majority of people. Isn't it really about being mindful and showing respect for everyone? I still wish Merry Christmas to those who celebrate Christmas. But I prefer saying Happy Holidays because it's inclusive of all the winter holidays (like Christmas, Solstice, Hanukkah, and the New Year). And I think my experience should count for something--I have a hundred students in class every day and they chatter about the holidays informally. I hear what they say and how they say it. I've used several Supreme Court cases as examples of what's legal and what the ACLU gives as guidelines and it seems the adults are more confused than the students are. So that's a trend I don't get.


Paula said...

I guess maybe I just haven't paid attention to the 'war on Christmas'. This is the second time I have run across this term in a couple of days. I don't care what other people want to say but I am going to say Merry Christmas. Because the way and the religion that I believe in is the celebration of the birth of Christ...hence Christmas. But I wish everyone freedom to say and celebrate the way that they want.

The Gal Herself said...

I think it's a dog whistle call to anti-Semitism. "They" don't want us to have Christmas. "Lawyers." "The ACLU."

I think that keeping religion out of the public square is an honorable *American* tradition. I think saying, "Happy Holidays" is patriotic. I don't want any religion to be the state religion.

It's chilling to me when I watch old WWII movies and hear the the patriotic kids say The Pledge without "Under God." The phrase was added to separate us (the great United States) from them (the Godless hoard).

It offends me when perfectly beautiful Christian faith is used for ugly purposes.

And now I shall slide my soapbox back under the counter.