holidailies 4

Today's prompt: What is your favorite holiday tradition?

For the past decade, my family has enjoyed a Christmas sing-a-long. We gather at Dad's and enjoy snacks and then we break out the lyric sheets and sing along to classics. It's the tradition that began after my grandmother passed away; Christmas Eve was always spent together at her house. When she passed away it left a void. And we needed a new tradition. This has been so much fun and full of fond memories.


Paula said...

I have always dreamed of gathering around the piano (we don't own one) and singing carols. But my family would never hear of it. Maybe Harley would, but it would just me her and me!

Unknown said...

What a nice tradition, and a nice way to fill the void with something meaningful and fun.

Lisa G said...

My voice is so off key that I can't imagine doing this, but it doesn't mean I can't smile and be happy that YOU are!