holidailies 19

Today's prompt: What is your favorite group or family activity to do during the holiday season?

Every year, my father hosts a family gathering. It started after my grandmother passed away, because the whole family gathered at her house for Christmas Eve and we needed a new family tradition. My dad's gathering has turned into a real "gather 'round the piano" sing-a-long! It's the only chance I get to see my aunt, uncle, and cousins during the season. It's fun food, lots of laughter, and old holiday favorites (plus a jingle stick!). I wish all my sisters and their families could be here.


Paula said...

OMG you get to live my dream Christmas!!

Cristy S said...

That sounds like a wonderful tradition. I would love it if we had a gather around the piano sing a long. What is a jingle stick?

Unknown said...

It sounds like a wonderful tradition! Merry Christmas to you and your family!