holidailies 13

Today's prompt: Grinch Week: Holiday pet peeves. Everyone's got at least one. What's yours?

It really bugs me when people say there is no Santa. Santa lives in my heart.


Paula said...

Oh how much I agree with you. My grandson and I just recently had a huge discussion about this when he decided how mad he was that he had been lied to all those years about Santa. And that is exactly what I told him. Santa is REAL. He lives in your heart. Believe it or not that made him smile....and I won the argument!

The Gal Herself said...

How did you take it when you heard the cold, hard truth about how the presents ended up under your tree?

Cristy S said...

When you stop believing in Santa, you only get underwear for Christmas. I am glad my daughter still pretends to believe. She has learn to manipulate Santa though. There is something I think is absolutely ridiculous and she just says "I'll ask Santa for it, he will bring it". Gah!