2013 in 12 sentences

I've done this for a couple years, I enjoy reflecting like this.

January: discovered (and binge-watched) Downton Abbey.

February: knit 10 hats in 16 days for a charity knit!

March: set up a Skype interview with an historian I saw in a video.

April: graduated therapy! Also, went on vacation by myself to see a friend's play.

May: whirlwind trip to my eldest niece's wedding in Pennsylvania.

June: Sting concert and Whoopie Pie Festival!

July: stayed up almost all night enjoying books and knitting. New tattoo. Royal baby fever!!!

August: god-daughter's wedding and a wonderful visit with my out of state sisters!

September: my book group selected some kick-ass books!

October: really bonded with my students and found my groove at school.

November: Elvis Costello in concert--it was just him.

December: coldest and snowiest December on record.

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