ten things tuesday

Ten ways I organize my day:

1) Post-it notes. I've already posted ten different post-its that were in my desk. I have more than ten.

2) Multiple pens. Using different colors to color-code notes makes sense to me.

3) Desk calendar. I've got a big calendar blotter on my desk. I love it.

4) iPod. I use the calendar feature all the time. I get a thrill having Siri create appointments and meetings for me.

5) Manilla folders. And colorful folders. Each chapter's materials are gathered and organized in folders.

6) Computer folders. I have all my documents organized in folders on my school laptop, as well as my home laptop.

7) Dropbox. I truly love the convenience of the cloud.

8) Photocopy folders. Things to be copied are immediately put back in their original chapter folder when copied.

9) Binder clips. I have tons of binder clips of all sorts of sizes.

10) Assignment folders. Each class has their own folder. It helps me keep track of corrected papers.


Paula said...

It sounds like you are extremely organized!

The Gal Herself said...

Was this inspired by the "bullet point your day" prompt? BTW, binder clips are my fave rave office supply.

Lisa G said...

Loved this. I always love reading how others organize themselves. I think I'm going to do a post on this theme. Thanks for the inspiration!

zippiknits...sometimes said...

You are so very, immaculately, organized! Brava!

I have a nano. I don't think it can do what yours does though if it can, mine will be busily organizing me!