saturday 9

Twilight Zone

1) This is one of the first songs to see a bump in sales after its video was shown on MTV. Do you ever watch music videos? I love music videos and try to catch the weekly countdown on VH1

2) Golden Earring is from the Netherlands. The average life expectancy there is 79 years old. Who is the oldest person you know? that would be Glenna Johnson Smith, she is a family friend and I have wonderful memories of her as my teacher

3) The song's composer says the song and especially the video were inspired by the 1980 book, The Bourne Identity. The espionage thriller was finally made into a movie with Matt Damon in 2002. Do you have a favorite secret agent/spy? Bond, James Bond

4) The song's title comes from The Twilight Zone TV show, which ran from 1959 to 1964. Are there any old shows that you enjoy watching in reruns? Oh the Twilight Zone used to freak me out! I love watching shows from my childhood on TVLand although I did queue up a few goodies on Netflix

5) "All guys cheat on their girlfriends, so yeah, I forgive him." Sam heard a young woman say that into her phone as they waited in line at the drugstore. While Sam is always surprised by how much personal information people share in the public, that's not what we're concentrating on this morning. Do you think that it's true? Do all guys cheat on their girlfriends? no, I don't think that's true

6) Whenever Sam goes to the grocery store she picks up Snausages because her dog looks at her with sad eyes when she tries to reward him anything else. What product has your brand loyalty? oh my--I have several, but Kashi sprang to mind first

7) Do you have a piggy bank or a coin jar? yes, I collect quarters for laundry day

8) Sam knows that she's always supposed to wear sunscreen, even on cloudy days, but she sometimes forgets. What do you know you should do, but sometimes don't? oh, the list is way too long

9) Retailers report that sales of Halloween costumes for grown-ups are strong. Since Halloween was earlier this week and there will be parties this weekend ... What's your costume for Halloween 2013? If you aren't dressing up this year, tell us about one of your favorite outfits from a Halloween gone by. one of my favorites was a nun habit--it was leftover from the play Nunsense, so it was the full ensemble. I got a lot of free drinks and blessed a lot of souls that night


The Gal Herself said...

LOVED the article about Ms. Smith! What courage to start a new career.

One of these years, I should dress up as a nun. You make it sound like great fun.

Diana_CT said...

LOL -- I got a lot of free drinks and blessed a lot of souls that night.

I think I would look good in a nun habit.

Paula said...

Mrs Smith sounds like she would have been a wonderful teacher...was she an inspiration to you?

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

I'll have to watch that VH1 countdown. I'm losing touch with current music... :) Hope all is well!

CountryDew said...

I didn't even know VH1 still played videos, every time I turn it on they have on a movie. I will have to watch for that countdown.

I am Harriet said...

I made my son watch TZ on Netflix with me and he said it was boring. I told him he needed to consider that time it was made and how things have changed. Guess I'm just old.

Kelly said...

I honestly had no clue that VH1 still had a countdown. I thought that the days of music videos on MTV and/or VH1 were long gone!