ten things tuesday

Ten things that being with X:

1) Xerox: my nemesis photocopier at school. We do battle frequently.

2) X-ray: I've had my fair share. Most recently they were dental x-rays. I got over my phobia.

3) Gen-X: caught between the baby boom and Gen-X but probably more the latter.

4) Xanax: anti-anxiety medicine. It has changed my life.

5) Ex: as in the most significant "one that got away" is in the periphery of my life again. Ugh.

6) Xmas: it's the most wonderful time of the year!

7) Xanthippe: a femme fatale, perhaps ill-tempered and shrewish.

8) XMen: a fun franchise of mutant superheroes!

9) XYZ PDQ: something I occasionally have to say to my students (examine your zipper, pretty darn quick)!

10) Xanadu: a cheezy movie starring Olivia Newton-John. I had high hopes for this film after seeing her in Grease.


Paula said...

I howled over # 9. Xanax has changed my life as well. It is the drug that Hospice put Richard on. Wow! Less anxiety

The Gal Herself said...

"Xanthippe." Who knew!

I will not get on a plane without my Xanax. My oldest friend teases me because the dosage I take is the smallest prescribed. I don't care. It gives me the illusion of control, and since it's only an illusion, why overmedicate?

How is your ex back?

Cristy S said...

bwahahaha at #9!!