ten things tuesday

Ten things my students do that make me roll my eyes:

1) Different students asking the same question I've just answered.

2) Asking what we're doing today, or if we're doing something fun.

3) Call me Mrs. instead of Ms.

4) Asking for so much help I am almost doing the assignment for them.

5) The "Half-Day" chant. When they are hoping for an early dismissal due to weather.

6) Students blurting whenever anyone says anything in class.

7) Students who are habitually tardy.

8) Students who think school rules (technology based) are flexible.

9) Students who tease each other by hiding back packs or other belongings.

10) Boys who doodle erect penises. Or fart during class.


Paula said...

Interesting post...especially doodling erect penises...whatever that means???

The Gal Herself said...

I'm sorry, Ms. Kwiz, but I'd be on your perpetually bad list. It was so hard to get showered and dressed in a timely manner after PE, and I always had such trouble with my lock, and how did they expect me to pee and get all the way from the cafeteria to the science lab in a matter of minutes? IT WASN'T MY FAULT!