ten things tuesday...

Ten things I'm thinking about today:

1) I'm all caught up on laundry.

2) And, I swapped out my spring/summer clothes for heavier, winter-ish clothes. *sigh*

3) My car is about to turn 90,000 miles old. I love my car. Can't believe I put a bit more than 10 k miles on it per year since I've owned it. I whine about the cost of maintenance but I love my car.

4) I finished the pedicure socks I was knitting in class. Finally. I don't think I'll ever love knitting socks. But I want to get better at them.

5) My cable is out for some weird reason. ETA: after a half-hour with tech support, it's working.

6) I had a great visit with a former student yesterday. I drove the hour trip (both ways) to take her to lunch and catch up. Her mom stopped in to talk to me during Parent/Teacher Conferences to let me know she was struggling with the transition to college. So I thought a visit might help her out. Advice from someone who's not her parent.

7) I need to take a foliage trip. Snap some photos!

8) I'm really enjoying some intense new TV shows: The Blacklist on NBC and Hostages on CBS. I don't want to get caught up in too many new shows this season, though, I am trying to cut back on my TV time.

9) I've slipped nicely into vacation routine. I don't want to go back to school Monday.

10) It's Buy A Friend A Book Week!

Pedicure socks:


Anonymous said...

I have to ask--what are pedicure socks?????

Anonymous said...

Now I get it! Nice! :-)