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Daisy and Violet are identical twins who were born with "senses." As they grow up, Daisy reinvents herself as Kate and decides to live her life free of premonitions and distancing herself from all things psychic. Vi becomes a professional psychic. Things get interesting when Vi predicts that a major earthquake will hit their hometown of St. Louis, it is actually Kate who intuits the exact date.

I loved all the family dynamics--between Kate and Vi, both girls and their father, Kate and Jeremy and their children. I liked the relationships between Kate, Jeremy, and their friends Courtney and Hank. I liked that the earthquake was as much a character as any person. The build up to the date had me tense.

What prevents me from giving this five stars is the very ending. I won't give anything away, other than saying I was disappointed in the very end. It's still on my list of top books for the year, though! I couldn't put it down.

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