saturday 9

Cowboy Casanova

1) The singer tries to warn her friend against a neighborhood Lothario. Do you advise your friends when it comes to love? Or do you stay out of it? I stay out of it

2) This song is about the hot guy "leaning up against the record machine." Does your favorite restaurant or bar still have a juke box? unfortunately, no

3) Carrie is an American Idol winner. Have you ever gone online or picked up the phone and voted for a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, American Idol or any similar show? I have voted for American Idols

4) Carrie graduated magna cum laude and majored in journalism, yet instead of being a reporter, she's a country music superstar. How similar are your life/career today to the way you envisioned them when you were 21? well, I was getting my degree in education but I took a twisty path to get where I am today

5) Carrie also competed in beauty pageants and was a runner up for Miss NSU (Northeastern State University). If you were a contestant in a pageant, what would you do for the talent competition? I would... nap? Is napping a talent?

6) This December, Carrie is scheduled to star in a televised remake of The Sound of Music. Do you have any year-end plans? I just bought tickets to see Elvis Costello in mid-November, does that count??

7) She is married to NHL player Mike Fisher, center for the Nashville Predators. What's your favorite professional sports team? I'm a New England fan through and through (except for the Celtics, I don't like them)

8) Hockey is a tough game! Do you currently have an owie or an ouchie or a boo-boo that requires a bandaid? no, I do not

9) Summer brings a lot of power outages and brown outs. Do you have a flashlight? If so, have you checked the batteries? I haven't checked the batteries per se, but I have used it recently


The Gal Herself said...

I like the idea of a napping competition.

Anonymous said...

Napping is a fantastic talent!

Diana_CT said...

On your mark, get set... nap!

I can envision two categories, the quickest to fall asleep and for the longest cat nap.