the eye of the beholder...

Twenty-first day of the July Challenge:

What are your thoughts on how the media portrays body image for young girls?

I think the body image issues have broadened to young men, too, not just girls. Not to minimize the attention to girls, in any way, but I see how boys are also influenced by how the media portrays them, too. Because I teach high school, I am sensitive to media influences on my students. But I also use myself (as a person of size) as a positive role model. Maybe in a small way I can influence what they are told is beautiful--with my confidence and appearance.


Cristy S said...

We have always stressed healthy over skinny. We never use the "F" word (fat). Having a daughter at that age right now, I just hope she has a healthy image of herself. That is something I struggled with when I was younger. I think you are a wonderful positive role model for the kids you are around.

Unknown said...

A great response. I find it hard being larger but i do eat healthy and encourage others to do the same.