ten things tuesday

Ten things that begin with V:

1) Vegetables. I was an adult before I could appreciate vegetables. Probably because I didn't have many fresh veggies growing up, it was usually overcooked, canned or frozen.

2) Valley Girl. I loved this movie when I was in high school.

3) Vests. I learned to love the layer this past year.

4) Vocabulary. My students sometimes say they don't understand what I'm saying. I say it's because I'm a life long reader and learner and I have a good vocabulary.

5) VH1. I loved this channel when it played videos. I learned about all kinds of indie bands on the overnight show.

6) Videos. I don't go to the movies all that often, I don't know why, I love going to the movies, but I watch a lot of videos. I don't watch live TV anymore, often, because I love having a video to zip through the commercials.

7) Vacation. Do I need to explain this?

8) Visiting. I love going to cool places or visiting with my family.

9) Voluptuous. Defined as: Of, relating to, or characterized by luxury or sensual pleasure.

10) Velcro. The sound of velcro is a soothing sound for me. When I get overwhelmed it makes me calm. Wish I knew why.

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