sunday stealing

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Sunday Stealing: The Wackadoo Meme, part 2

30.] What brand of batteries do you usually get? Duracell

31.] Are any of your friends pregnant or have kids? all but one of my friends have kids, none are currently pregnant

32.] What is in your medicine cabinet? lots of nail polish and toilet paper

33.] What's your favorite aspect of the natural world? leaves on trees (rustling in the breeze)

34.] What's your favorite man made thing?

35.] Can you whistle properly? yes

36.] What song do you think is the most widely heard in the world? probably some Michael Jackson song since he was so popular world-wide

37.] Where's the strangest place a fast food restaurant was located? I thought it was strange there was a Subway restaurant on a ferry near Aruba

38.] What states surround your state? Or are you not land locked? I am surrounded on two sides by Canada, bordering New Hampshire and the Atlantic Ocean... I live in the only continental state that is bordered by one other state

39.] Do you own binoculars or monoculars? What do you use them for? binoculars, they were a freebie

40.] Do you ever wish you had a telescope on the roof or attic to stargaze? nope

41.] What's your favorite chocolate bar? currently Reese's

42.] Do you fall asleep easy in cars? How about planes, trains and boats? I have a very difficult time falling asleep in moving vehicles

43.] Would you rather live a year of your life in every major country or stay in the same place you live forever without vacations? uhm...since there are some major countries that I don't want to visit (China, Japan, India) I guess I'll stay here

44.] What will you not tolerate in a person? boorishness

45.] Do you forgive others easier or yourself? Why is this? I forgive others easier--I have gotten better at forgiving myself, though

46.] How was God made, if he exists?

47.] Have you ever done aqua aerobics or polo? no

48.] What age were you when you learned how to swim? I think I was 5 when I started swim lessons at the outdoor community pool

49.] What shows or characters scared you as a child? the Twilight Zone

50.] Do you stay up all night on New Years Eve/Day or go to bed after 12am? I am usually asleep by midnight

51.] What's something unusual currently in your fridge? a ball of yarn, I don't know why it's there but I'll keep it there until I remember why it's there

52.] How about your freezer? can't think of anything unusual in the freezer

53.] What could you be doing now that is more productive? napping

54.] Give me some lyrics from the song that's stuck in your head? Look around your world pretty baby, is it everything you hoped it would be?

55.] What's your favorite type of firework? I think it's the chrysanthemum


I am Harriet said...

I'm always loading up on TP. I can't imagine what life was like before TP.

The Gal Herself said...

I haven't thought of Del Amitri in ages but they are such a great band. Thanks for reminding me! Gotta fire up the iPod!

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Thank you. What a lovely song, and they can all harmonize so well. It's been ages since I listened to new groups.

Carielle said...

I have balls of yarn all over the house. I can honestly say I've never left one in the fridge before though :)