saturday 9

Endless Summer

1) The best-selling Beach Boys album of all time is this two disc greatest hits compilation. Do you have favorite Beach Boys song? Oh there are so many I love: "God Only Knows" "Good Vibrations" "Don't Worry Baby"

2) The original members of the group were the Wilson brothers, their cousin Mike and a friend from the neighborhood. Have you ever worked with a family member? I had the privilege of working with my dad--my first year teaching was his last year there.

3) Originally released in the mid-1970s, Endless Summer was one of the first fast-selling albums sold on TV. Have you ever picked up the phone and purchased anything directly from TV? I've ordered from QVC once or twice

4) The Beach Boys are very popular in Australia. Have you ever been Down Under? no, but I'd love to go

5) Actor John Stamos played bongos on the Beach Boys' hit, "Kokomo." In his younger days, Stamos was Blackie on the daytime drama, General Hospital. Have you ever followed a soap opera? I was a fan of The Guiding Light from the late 70s into the late 80s. Then in the mid-90s I watched Days of Our Lives.

6) Many Beach Boys songs revolve around the surf. How are you on a surf board? I've never tried

7) Would you prefer summer to be endless? Or do you enjoy the changing seasons? I'd rather have endless autumn

8) Do your summer 2013 plans include a trip to a waterpark? no, but I might be going to the Lobster Festival

9) Describe your swimsuit. it's black with beige polka-dots


Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the endless autumn! There's just a certain feeling and scent about the slightly chilled air that invigorates me.

Diana_CT said...

The lobster festival looks nice.

Now if they had all the lobster that you can eat...

Lisa G said...

I LOVE Autumn...best time of the year, hands down. Here, it's filled with the smell of roasting green chile and pinon from roadside stands everywhere. YUM!

Jasmine said...

Oh how I love the beach boys!
I loooove singing to kokomo

collettakay said...

I forgot about "Good Vibrations"!

I agree, Endless Autumn has a nice ring to it :)



I am Harriet said...

The only think I hate about autumn is that winter follows it...

The Gal Herself said...

I clicked the link and now I'm jealous of you. Lobster AND David Cassidy! What a fun way to spend a summer weekend.